Mark Weisbeck is a Gold Award winner through the Institute of
Business Designers for his innovative leather desktop
accessories.  Since 1985, Weisbeck Design has been creating
the ultimate in custom made luxury home and office furnishings
as well as award winning public and private sculpture.

Weisbeck's design work has been featured in over 90
publications worldwide and has become known for its clean,
contemporary and elegant styling.

For more information about designer Mark Weisbeck's furniture,
accessories and award winning sculpture, visit  
His H
Introducing the "Crescendo." Reclaimed, recycled ebony guitar necks, fret boards saved from the rubbish bin of a
famous guitar manufacturer, to live again as an elegant, low profile pen tray. Natural ebony runs from solid deep
black, to black with gold running through it. The wood is sanded and polished until it shines and feels like the softest
leather. The channels cut into the ebony reference the strings of a guitar. Neoprene backing. Made in New York, in the
USA, as are all of our fine furnishings. $80.00 USD. The perfect gift for music lovers and lovers of modern design.