"Water Spirits" 32 feet tall, waterfront sculpture, the gateway to the city of
Rochester, New York, USA
Public Art. Funded by the New York State Department of State
Artists Diane and Mark Weisbeck,
a husband and wife art, design
and sculpture team, on the day
of the unveiling ceremony.
"Water Spirits" is 32 feet tall, 8 feet wide and 2 and 1/2
tons. The brass is hand patinaed "Statue of Liberty"
green. The  two entwined stylized human figures hold aloft
a modern interpretation of an ancient water vessel, which
is gold dyed stainless steel.
Both male and female, the figures symbolize peace and
unity among all people of the world. The water vessel is a
reference to the tribute we pay to the life giving waterways
of the world we share and our need to care for them.
art saves lives
Mark and Diane Weisbeck are Winners in
the first official Sculpture/Art competition
in the history of the Olympic Games. The
only artists in the world to represent both
New York, as well as the United States in
the Beijing, China Olympics, the
Weisbecks have  won the prestigious
"Excellent Works" Award.
commercial sculpture, building facade design, modern
religious sculpture, monuments and memorials.

"Water Spirits" will be featured in the upcoming "Public Art Review."