Dandy Canes
by Weisbeck Design
For the Modern Dandy
Contemporary, Luxury Walking Sticks
Men's and Ladies Fashion Accessories.
Sleek, slender, stylish and sophisticated.
Handcrafted using solid polished aluminum
with decorative holes giving the impression of
fine jewelry.
Exotic, reclaimed zebra wood or bocote.
Between 36 to 40 inches, or custom sized.
Available through the designers.
$295.00 USD.

For swaggering down the
boulevard in the city or sauntering
down the lane in the country,
whether you are named Ernest or
Jack, the importance of the new
Dandy Canes for both men and
women makes this a vital fashion
accessory for the 21st century

Weisbeck Design luxury products and award winning sculptures have been
featured in over 100 international publications. Here is a partial list of

Architecture, ID, Progressive Architecture, Hotel, House Beautiful, Hauser,
(German), Spy, (Japan), Sculpture, Forbes, The New York Times Magazine,
Metropolis, (Japan), Business Punk, (German), Playboy, Elle Decor, Interior
Design, Pen World, Stylus, MoMA, NY design catalog. forbesonline.com,
thestreet.com. Please contact us for the complete list.