GOLDENWAVE: Solid 14 Karat Gold Sculptural Pen Tray, 26 gauge, 7 X 4.5 X 1 inch, mirror polished gold
reflects and cradles the finest, most precious writing instruments. Natural, rare ebony wood base with applied Scottish
leather to protect the desktop. The ultimate luxury pen tray created by award winning sculptor Mark Weisbeck for
connoisseurs and collectors. Curvaceous and modern, this sophisticated design is for executive and home office,
yachts and private jets. This elegant tray is the ultimate wedding gift. Custom made to order by a designer.
Over three ounces of gold. $
4600.00 USD.  Includes shipping within the U.S.
Price subject to change.
Curvaceous, elegant GOLDENWAVE is individually hand cut from solid 14 Karat Gold sheet.
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Copyright 2008 WEISBECK DESIGN

"The Celebration of Ren," was the winner of the
prestigious "Excellent Works" Award in the
International Landscape Sculpture competition for
the 2008 Beijing, China Olympics. This was the first
time in the history of the Olympic Games, that art
and sculpture had been an official category of
competition. We are honored to have represented the
United States, as well as New York State in this
historic event. Our sculpture is based on the Chinese
pictograph "ren," which means people, shown at left.
It is a 3-D stainless steel "brush stroke," as well as
an archway toward worldwide peace and unity.
and "PEN WORLD" Magazines, April/May, 2008
iPad Stand handcrafted using solid renewable
American cherry hardwood. Cradles your iPad
within a fine piece of custom furniture. The stand
holds the iPad horizontally or vertically and is
individually handmade at the Weisbeck Design
studio. Mirror polished aluminum and natural,
beautifully grained cherry wood combine to create
the ultimate luxury iPad accessory.  $595.00 USD.